About Allschool

Allschool is the largest online marketplace that brings evidence-based, highly interactive, and personalized online learning for all kids worldwide. We help learners explore interests and improve academic achievement. And we commit to empower schools with multiplied learning choices and tools to students through our thought-provoking online learning experience.

Allschool Advantages

To students: Allschool is intentionally built to be a safe, inclusive, and fun place for kids to advance their knowledge and skills. Children can explore and pursue interests in learning, fill in the gaps, and accelate their growth in core subject.

To schools: Being a trusted company, we empower schools with a huge range of subjects, elective, and enrichment course catalog that are designed and taught by 1000+ passionate teachers.

To teachers: Powered by ClassPod, we provide rich resources, ready-to-go slides, and hundreds of built-in game templates, with which teachers can create and jumpstart stunning courses in no time, with all-new classPod’s intelligent tools, interactive features, and managing systems, engaging teaching & effective learning experiences are now made possible.

To parents: Whether they are looking for a complete math curriculum, supplementary science camps, or fun shoe-tying classes, Allschool has them all! We support parents with affordable classes to keep kids learning independently and realize learning gains in the comfort of their own homes.