Parents Referral program policies

Referral rewards only apply to certain users and purchases.

We greatly appreciate you for being a part of our Allschool community! We have built Referral Programs to reward parents and teachers who help us spread the word about Allschool. Information and policies on this page are for parents referring other parents. If you are a current teacher, please visit the teacher's platform for more information.

For Parents Referring Other Parents

  • Invite Friends, Class on Us!

To invite parents you know who would love Allschool as you already do, you can easily share your link on social media, text, or email using our referral page. To refer someone, follow this link.

When someone you know signs up the first time using your link, they will get a $20 coupon upon signup to use on their first class. Once they enroll in a class, you'll get a $20 coupon to use towards your next Allschool class.

  • How to track referrals status and rewards

Once the referred user uses your personal link to sign up, you would be able to track the status of your invitation by visiting Allschool's referral records page. Once the person you invited enrolls in a class on Allschool, you will receive a $20 coupon to use towards your next Allschool class.

You can find all coupons you have received in the My Coupons tab. We would also send you an email notifying you when the referred user signs up, and enrolls in a class.

General Terms

A referred user is someone who signs up to Allschool in response to an invitation or shared link from an existing user. To be eligible for the referral program, a referred user must:

  • have a single Allschool account
  • sign up via an existing user's personal referral link
  • be attributed in our database to another referring user

The referred user award becomes available upon signup in the form of a $20 Allschool coupon, and the coupon is for one-time use only.

A referring user is an existing Allschool user who invites a new user to Allschool.

The referring user award, in the form of a $20 Allschool coupon, becomes available after the referred user enrolls their first class, and the coupon is for one-time use only.

All referred user award and referring user award coupons have a 14-days expiration date, starting at the time and date of receiving the coupon.

Other policies

  • Parent Referral rewards are earned only in Allschool coupons.
  • Parent Referral reward coupons have a 14-days expiration date, starting at the time and date of receiving the coupon.
  • Allschool coupons are not transferable and have no cash value.
  • A referred user's first purchase is required to be a direct enrollment in order for the referring user to receive Allschool referral rewards. A referring user will not receive referral rewards if the referred user claims a gift enrollment as their first purchase.
  • In order for both parties to qualify for the referral credit, the new user must sign up for their Allschool account via the referring user's invite link. Allschool is unable to attribute Allschool referral rewards retroactively if the new user did not create their account via the invite link; existing Allschool accounts will not be able to use the referral invite link.
  • Once the referral invite link is used, Allschool is unable to attribute the referral to another referring user or referred user.
  • Terms of the Parent Referral Program are subject to change at any point. Updates to policies will be posted.