Allschool offers a huge range of online classes with different formats and lengths.

Live online classes Live online classes include live meetings over video chat at scheduled times. A class could meet just once, or many times over a semester. Classes are more than the live meetings - most classes also involve independent work before or after the live meetings.

  • Class Length: One-Time, Short

One-Time Classes One-Time Classes meet once in a video chat session. One-time classes are great for explor‚Äčing new interests and discovering whether a teacher's style works well for your learner before committing to a longer course.

Short Courses Short courses meet 1 or more times each week for 2-4 weeks. Short courses are great for developing a new skill or diving deep into a topic, even if your schedule doesn't permit a full, semester course.

Allschool provides a homepage for each class - the Allschool Classroom. It's a place for teachers and learners to interact. Teachers can post announcements and start discussions, and students can participate. For live meetings, Allschool provides a video chat app called classPod.